Yes parents packet

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Central Dauphin School District

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For Parents

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Central Dauphin School District

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How to Adopt

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Braille Resource Packet for Parents of Young Children

Visit the post for more. Admissions. Apply; Prospective Students.

Member Orientation Packet

First Time Students; Transfer Students. Get your Arkansas Tennis specialty license plate and support your courts! Read More.

Central Dauphin School District's e-communications program helps to get timely communication from our schools out to the public.

We feel e-Communications will provide a better way to reach out to our parents and students while reducing the amount of paper sent home. Sync Schedules to your personal calendar, post scores and summaries, view athlete emergency information, and check athlete eligibility status in the easy to use mobile app!

then scroll down to the B&C World Series in NW Indiana _____ All teams must be registered with NSA and have properly qualified & validated their berth by playing in their State Championships for the NSA Girl’s Fastpitch World Series.

Yes parents packet
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