Handwriting analysis t-bar

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Upasana is a perfectionist, reveals her handwriting

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Handwriting Analysis Letter T: How do you cross your “T”s?

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5 Hell Traits Revealed in Handwriting

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The low t-bar reveals the writer doesn’t have a great amount of ego strength about himself. Jul 12,  · A graphological view of dishonesty as it is shown in a writer's T-Bars and T-Stems.

5 Hell Traits Revealed in Handwriting

To the graphologist, the two most important letters for analysis are the small t and the letter i. In this chapter, you will find virtually every possible kind of t bar. Handwriting Analysis Letter T: Letter T is conformed by a cross that is composed of: A stroke moving from the top downwards vertically that we call upper extensión or stem and the bar, which is the horizontal stroke from left to right.

Letter t in handwriting analysis is quite important for analyzing a personality. Low t bar causes low self esteem. Learn about low self esteem and how to raise self esteem. Handwriting Analysis - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Acquisitive Shown by tiny hooks at the beginning of words. If hook is in the middle zone, this is a need to acquire material things. If in upper zone, it is a need to acquire knowledge, ideas, or education. Aggressiveness Shown by hard right upstrokes that replace a lower loop.5/5(3).

Handwriting analysis t-bar
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2 Clear and Easy Ways to Analyze Handwriting (Graphology)