Ebola virus

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What is Ebola Virus Disease?

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Ebola (Ebola Virus)

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Ebola virus

This is primed by vomiting, diarrhoea, doctoral, symptoms of impaired kidney and end function, and in some students, both internal and external bleeding e. Apr 11,  · Read CNN's Fast Facts on Ebola and learn more about the deadly virus. Ebola virus. Ebola virus is the cause of the – Ebola virus epidemic outbreak in West Africa, which has resulted in at least 27, suspected cases and 11, confirmed deaths (WHO, ).

View coverage on the Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa and its arrival in the U.S., including news, pictures, videos, facts, symptoms and more. Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is a rare and deadly disease most commonly affecting people and nonhuman primates (monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees).

It is caused by an infection with one of five known Ebola virus species, four of.

Ebola virus

Ebola: What You Need to Know. As Ebola outbreaks occur again and again, the scramble for answers and medications is ongoing. Ebola virus disease (EVD), also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) or simply Ebola, is a viral hemorrhagic fever of humans and other primates caused by ebolaviruses.

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Signs and symptoms typically start between two days and three weeks after contracting the virus with a fever, sore throat, muscular pain, and headaches.

Ebola virus
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Ebola virus disease