Discuss sex difference in parental investment

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Parental investment

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Discuss sex differences in parental investment

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Discuss sex differences in parental investment (8+16 marks)

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Discuss sex differences in parental investment Trivers () “Parental investment is the investment a parent makes in an indiviual offspring that increases it’s chances of survival at cost of the parent’s ability to invest in other offspring.”.

Sex differences in parental investment Edit The most obvious sex difference in parental human investment is that human males can opt out of parental investment in a way that females cannot.

Discuss Sex Differences In Parental Investment

By expending a relatively large part of their reproductive effort on courtship and mating, males of most species can afford to devote rather little, in. Sex Differences in Parental Investment // Notes In the last relationship topic looking specifically at evolution, we are now discussing the sex differences in parental investment.

The specification does not specify and cannot ask you about any theories in particular so here are my notes for this section. Trivers suggests that parental investment differs because of the sex differences that exist between males and females. From the outset of parenthood, females make a greater biological investment then males.

AO1 – Prenatal maternal investment Parental investment theory suggests that females invest more than males; maternal investment is greater This theory states that the reason for this is because for females there is greater biological investment as gametes are costly to produce (menstruation), which is not the case for males Further to this.

Discuss sex differences in Parental Investment (24 marks) The biggest and most apparent different in parental investment is that it is much easier for males to pot out o parental investment, than it is for women.

Parental Investment Discuss sex difference in parental investment
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