Dbq on reform movements

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Dbq Social Reform Antebellum

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Just evaluate each movement for whether they helped expand voter participation, equal rights, educated populace, etc. temperance movement generally strikes me as anti-democratic.

1. Progressive Era DBQ.

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Historical Context: During the late s and early s, Progressive reformers worked to improve the social, political, and economic problems in American society.

Task: Using information from the documents and you knowledge of United States history and government.

Discovery, Exploration, Colonies, & Revolution

of antebellum reform movements, so too were their own lives shaped by their involvement with reform. Frederick Douglass escaped slavery and soon joined the Garrisonian wing of the abolitionist movement. He gradually became more independent and asserted that abolitionists could use political means to end slavery.

He actively. Oct 23,  · Umm lets see, I am writing about the education reform (great help on page in the American Pagent if you are using that book), abolitionism (reform to end slavery), and, to make it really broad and easy to answer, the reform to seperate from corruption (slavery, temperance movement, prison reform).Status: Resolved.

List of Document Based Questions

The Second Great Awakening was a Protestant revival movement during the early nineteenth century. The movement started aroundhad begun to gain momentum byand was in decline by Revivals were a key part of the movement and attracted hundreds of converts to.

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Dbq on reform movements
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