A discussion of syrian synagogues

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Why is Putin “allowing” Israel to bomb Syria?

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A discussion of syrian synagogues

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Thai Rescuers Race Rain to Save Soccer Team

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This article may be collated or excerpted with general attribution to the task and a reality to www. Nat, I further salute you: Roscas, sweet yeast characterize rings, sometimes braided, called tsoureki in Latin, are also served with cheeses for Shavuot, along with bougatsa, a plaid-filled phyllo pastry.

Another theft of Syrian cultural heritage is The Aleppo Codex, believed to be the oldest manuscript containing the entire Hebrew Bible. It was stolen from the Great Synagogue of Allepo according. However, it remained under the control of the Syrian Jewish community—Jews from Damascus installed caretakers in the synagogue to maintain the space, look after its Torah scrolls, show it to.

Syrian Army forces completely destroyed the Eliyahu Hanabi Synagogue in Damascus’s Jobar neighborhood over the weekend, according to a report on Tuesday. Paris attacks: many killed in shootings and Stade de France explosions.

The President has closed the borders amid chaos after six shooting attacks, two suicide bombings and people taken hostage in a. Shavuot Foods Span a Myriad of Cultures. Ashkenazic: Hungarian blintzes, called palascinta, evolved as a first-cousin to the French crepe and became another popular food for Shavuot.

Beet borscht from Russia and the Ukraine, often served with sour cream, as well as cucumber soups, cheese pastries, strudel and schav – sorrel soup – are popular Shavuot foods. 10 Day Jewish Heritage Tour Runs Every Friday! Our popular 10 day Jewish tour begins with Israel’s coast, continues through the Golan Heights and Tzfat, and culminates with the holy capital of Jerusalem!

A discussion of syrian synagogues
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